Websites and Web Application Programming

Websites and Web Application Programming

At In Color, we don't just offer spiffy design. We have the technical skills to make the designs reality.

Principal, Mr. Fisher, completed his first computer programming class in 1979 and has since mastered many different computer languages, OSes and platforms. He maintains all of In Color's servers and prides himself on the utilization of Open Source Code projects to power In Color's projects. Open Source means there are no licensing fees. Also, the code is not only free to customize, but it's also scrutinized and secured by a public community.

Mr. Fisher obtained a certification in Network Security from the world renown, Security And Network Systems Institute. In Color makes security a priority in all their programming projects.

We are web-technology integrators, and we keep up on all the latest web publishing techniques, and extensions. Our foundational understanding of Content Management Systems, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP gives us the ability to get everything working together harmoniously while looking as intended, across multiple browsers and platforms.

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